Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I need to get a quote?

With us, you don’t have to pay a single penny to get a quote! Yes, whatever your requirements may be, we provide you with an instant free quote depending upon your customised moving needs.

Do I need to pay extra for moving during weekends?

No. Whether you move on weekdays or weekends, our prices don’t change. Unlike most other competitors, we don’t charge you extra for moving during weekends or holidays.

How early should I book the moving date?

Although it depends upon your personal choice, we always suggest you book your removals in advance. In extreme case, you can also book within a short notice. However, you need to communicate your moving requirements so that we get enough time to prepare.

Do you provide quality packing services?

Once you book a quote with us, we take complete responsibility for your packing needs so that you can enjoy ultimate peace of mind. Be it cartons, standard packing boxes, we arrange it all. We use high-quality adhesives that protect your goods from damage during transit.

Do you offer interstate removals?

Yes, we offer specialised interstate removals abiding by the standard norms and regulations.

I’m not that efficient in packing? Can you offer packing services?

Of course! Our team of efficient furniture removalists are expert in packing too. They can pack your belongings into strong card boxes securely and ensure there is no damage to goods. If you have fragile items or delicate crockeries, we take extra care to pack your belongings with sufficient bubble wraps as an added layer of protection.


Do you move heavy furniture items?

Yes! We cater to moving all your household belongings ranging from kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs to heavy furniture. For a safe and hassle-free move, we disassemble the furniture first, wrap them separately and then proceed with moving them.